I frequently deliver the workshops listed below, which can be given as-is, or customized for your context. I also develop and deliver custom trainings, workshops, and sessions for groups. Please get in touch if you think I would be a good fit to work with your team on something.


Suicide Intervention (for weirdos, freaks, and queers)

This workshop focused on peer and community based strategies for supporting folks in our lives who might be suicidal, as well as examining the beliefs and structures that keep suicide conversations under wraps.


Supporting folks in hard times

This is a workshop about peer support basics; concrete skills and strategies to use when someone you love is going through a rough time.


Boundaries for Peer Supporters

When it feels like your role in a family or community is to take care of everyone else, how do you also get the care you need? We will explore ways to know, honour, recognize, and communicate our limits to people we care for. 



Body Image/Fatphobia (do i have to love this meatsack i live in?)

So many of us feel like our bodies are wrong, bad, broken, and hold us back from things we want to do or wish we could. In this workshop We  talk about how we learned that our bodies are wrong, think through how to honour and appreciate them more, and some ideas about how to fight against the messages we receive about them. Fatness is a central theme, but we will also talk about body shame and love as they intersect with race, ability/disability, gender, and sexuality. 



When Grief is in the cards: A writing workshop 

This workshop uses tarot cards as writing prompts to explore grief and loss.


Flirting and Negotiation for Shy Perverts

In this workshop we discuss and deconstruct what flirting even means, and how shy, introverted, socially awkward, and nervous folks can use their weirdness as an advantage in flirtatious or sexualized settings. Flirting is a consent practice!


Fundraising for Justice

In this workshop we explore the ways that taboos around money support the capitalist structure, and build skills in grassroots fundraising to fund radical work. Learn who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask for.
Note: this workshop may be offered at a greatly reduced solidarity rate to BIPOC led groups doing social justice work*