Tarot can be a helpful reflective tool and a way to ask questions that might not come up organically when trying to get perspective on something or decide how to approach a challenge. There are very few shocking revelations in a reading, but there are often moments of recognizing patterns, reflecting on habits, and sometimes, new approaches and alternatives. You can think of a spread of cards as a Greek chorus, a jury, different versions or aspects of you, as people in your life, as ancestors, as archetypes.

A tarot reading can be helpful when you are feeling stuck, or trying to make a decision. It can also be a way to reflect in a bigger picture way, like on significant events like birthdays, new years, anniversaries (of occasions of all sorts), or when in the midst of big changes in your life (ones you actively choose, and ones that happen to you).


A tarot reading is a three way collaboration between the cards (they are pretty magical), me (my intuitive sense, my relationship to the cards) and you (your experiences, your questions, your relationship to the cards and the ideas/archetypes they represent). You can tell me nothing, or a little, or a lot about what you have questions about going into a reading, and how you are responding to the cards as we look at them together.

I use the Collective Tarot deck, a lovely deck which revisions many of the tarot archetypes and includes queer bodies, disabled bodies, people of colour, trans and gender non-conforming folks, and more. plus, it’s pretty.

Some people like to take notes during a reading, or take photos of the spread of cards. If you want to, you are welcome to audio record our session so you can listen to it again another time.

Tiny Lantern Tarot Cards

The Reader

Everything I know about tarot and magic, I learned from queer and trans folks, mostly femmes. I’ve had some (lightly creepy) intuitive magics since I was a little kid, and recently learned that my maternal grandfather was a tarot reader.

I have found the practice of using tarot for reflection immensely helpful in my own life.  I had my own cards read for the first time in January 2013 by femme healer hero Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, which was a transformative and healing experience. Shortly after, I got myself a Collective Tarot deck and began reading for myself and my loved ones.



All readings are offered on a sliding scale, because I love you. If any cost is a barrier for you, I keep a small number of readings available for barter. Email me if you want to talk more about this! I accept payment in cash, cheque, or by email money transfer. (I only do in-person reading, so if you are looking for someone to read for you via skype, I highly recommend Dacia.)

  • Little Dip: mini reading: $30-60, 4 cards (30-45 minutes)

  • Deep Dive: full reading: $75-200, 10+ cards (60-90 minutes)

  • Sustained Swimfluence: $400-600, 4-10 cards (60 minutes), six times. An hour long reading once a month for six months! Give yourself the gift of ongoing space for reflection and healing.

Bundles & Gift Certificates

You can get someone a single reading at the same rates listed above! They make lovely gifts. You can also get a bundle of readings for someone who is moving through a challenging or change-ful time. Below are some examples, and I am also happy to build custom gift packages for you or your loved ones!

  • pregnancy package: a reading for each trimester and one for after the birth

  • grad school support: monthly readings for as long as it takes to finish your dissertation.

  • new job package: three readings in six months as you adjust to a new role.

  • grief bundle: four readings in two months to process a loss.

  • breakup bundle: three readings in three months to set you on a healing course.

  • sobriety support: a reading each week for a month to plan for shifting your relationship with a substance or coping strategy that’s not serving you.

  • wedding gift bundle: an individual reading for each member of the couple and a relationship reading for the couple together.

  • extra special wedding gift bundle: two individual readings and two couples readings (one before and after the wedding, or one soon after and one around the first anniversary, for example).



I see people for readings in my cozy home office, which is pet-free and low fragrance, located very close an accessible subway station in the west end of Toronto. There are 4 steps to get into the apartment, and a flight of a dozen or so up to the office. If these present a barrier for you, I would be happy to come to your home, or meet you at another accessible location.

Tiny Lantern Tarot Cards

— Brianna

Tiny Lantern Tarot Cards


Want me to read for you and your friends at a birthday party, baby shower, new moon ritual, backyard bbq, fundraiser, or other sort of event? Get in touch and let’s talk about it.