Why “Tiny Lantern”?

Carly Boyce as The Hermit /  Cee Lavery

Carly Boyce as The Hermit / Cee Lavery

tiny lantern is the light source held by the figure of the hermit, on the ninth card of the major arcana in a tarot deck.

Since I started working with a tarot deck, The Hermit has been my favourite card. The Hermit's magic is in turning fear into curiosity, and this allows her to engage with subjects, memories, and experiences that might otherwise be too scary to look at. The Hermit wants to peek under the bed, into the crevasses of her memory, and turn the things she finds over and over in her hands until they make some kind of sense to her.

The Hermit is solitary, but not isolated; she knows how to be alone without being lonely, and knows how to be sturdy in herself without disconnecting from others.  She's also a bit of an oddball; someone who other people think is a bit mad, or is going about things is a strange way- and she is entirely unbothered by those misperceptions. I aspire to the confidence and curiosity that the hermit embodies, and her ability to withstand the judgements of others.